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INTRODUCING CLEAN-O-RAMA LAUNDRY CLUB - a new way to get your laundry done when it's most convenient for you.    When you become a member of the Laundry Club,  you get private and secure after hours access to the laundromat when it works best for your schedule.  No more trying to schedule your laundry around our set hours.  Or taking your chances with a 24 hr laundromat that is open to the public all night.    Clean-O-Rama Laundry Club is an exclusive club of screened and approved laundry aficionados,  and individual membership can be revoked at any time.   All locations are under video surveillance, and member entry and exit is documented.  Members do not need to schedule a time slot, however, membership is limited.  So it's likely you will have the entire laundromat all to yourself.    Membership is free, but not everyone is approved.  

** Sorry, memberships are only available at NW location at this time **


Please apply below....

By submitting, I agree to the following:

Thanks for submitting! You will receive your access code upon approval and submitting ID

Clean-O-Rama reserves the right to:


  • revoke anyone's Laundry Club membership and access code at anytime for any reason at our discretion.  

  • modify and / or update terms and agreements at any time 

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